Our Story

In early 2000, Kate Rosenmeier and Phyllis Elliott began the process of establishing a private psychotherapy practice.  For years, we had the privilege of being trained and working with some of the nation’s leading experts in behavioral health.  Months of planning went into determining how to combine our varied education, expertise and experience in providing state of the art, research-based services in a warm, inviting and safe setting.

We developed our services with these philosophical underpinnings:

  • Delivering supportive, client-centered, solution-focused therapy with integrity and professionalism

  • Helping clients identify those beliefs, behaviors and expectations which might be preventing their forming and maintaining satisfying and successful relationships

  • Leading workshops and seminars for the community
  • Committing to ongoing personal growth and professional education

To capture the spirit of the founders and the services they would provide, we commissioned a unique logo which symbolizes the freedom and joy possible when one experiences a transformative “aha NOW! experience.”  This logo has become widely known as identifying one of the TriState’s most respected and recognized Counseling firms.

From those early days, aha NOW! Counseling has continued to grow and expand.  In 2007, Pamela Rhodes joined Kate as a partner.  Her energy, wisdom and expertise added a new dimension to aha NOW! Counseling’s services.

 In 2008, we lost one of our well-known and respected original members, Phyllis Elliott, LMFT.  Though her death was untimely, we continue to recognize her invaluable contribution to aha NOW! Counseling.

 Those early exciting, creative days continue.  We have welcomed six additional vibrant, skilled psychotherapists to aha NOW! Counseling.

We are pleased to announce that in 2017, aha NOW! became affiliated with Lisa Provost, of Provost LLC. Lisa has long been recognized for her particular expertise in clinical work with children and families. She is certified as a Play Therapy Supervisor and works with children who have allergy sensitivities that impact emotional well-being.

 While we have grown, we have, and will remain, committed to our early mission and will continue to provide clients an opportunity to experience their own transformative, “aha NOW! experience.”

We are aha NOW! - We dedicate our lives to helping others.