Kate Rosenmeier, LCSW, ACSW has been in the field of Social Work for 45 years.  Kate is one of the original founders of aha NOW! Counseling, who started the well known counseling and consulting firm in 2000.

 “I have been in this profession for 45 years and have never had a job that I did not like.”  Kate says of her diverse and varied professional career.  “I am particularly grateful for wonderful training opportunities over the course of my career.” Since 1992, Kate has trained and worked closely with Terry Kellogg and Marvel Harrison Kellogg.  Terry and Marvel are known nationally for their work  and writing in the addiction/co-dependency field. Kate worked closely with Terry and Marvel in their Life Works program based in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Kate has had extensive training in couples’ therapy.  She has certification in  Imago Relationship Therapy and is the only certified Imago therapist in the tri-state area.  She completed her training through the Imago Relationship Therapy Institute and trained with Rick Brown who has been featured on the Oprah show.

Kate is trained in EMDR (Eye Movement; Desensitization, Re-processing).  This is a specialized method/protocol for working with trauma.  Kate has also had in depth training in Psychodrama and trained with the Psychodrama Training Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Kate earned her Master’s degree in Social Work in 1971 at West Virginia University and did part of her Master’s degree work at the University of Swansea in South Wales, Great Britain.

Kate has practiced in West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana. Her professional love and passion has always been direct clinical practice. In addition, Kate is a faculty member at the University of Southern Indiana and teaches in the Masters of Social Work program. 

Kate specializes in couple’s therapy but also works with individual adults and adolescents.  She is skilled in helping clients resolve depression, anxiety, addictions, family relationship problems and trauma. Personally, Kate enjoys her country home and her animals (both domestic as well as the “country critters”).  She is a widow with three grown children (Michelle, Ruth, and Jacob); three in-law children (Sarah, Chris, and Chris)  and four grandchildren (Isabella, Sophie, Keegan, and Tobin).  Good friends and family are high on her gratitude list.