Pamela Rhodes 2 

Pamela Rhodes, LCSW is a psychotherapist at aha NOW! Counseling.  She joined the Evansville based consulting and counseling firm in January 2007 bringing with her 22 years of clinical training and expertise in the field of mental health.

Prior to becoming a partner with aha NOW! Counseling, Pamela worked in the non-profit sector of mental health providing addiction treatment services as a addictions specialist and director of an addictions treatment program in Evansville.  She also provided mental health services through her role as a school social worker to students in the parochial school system.

Addictions treatment is only one of Pamela’s specialties. She is also well versed and trained in the treatment of other mental health related disorders such as anxiety, adjustment disorders, trauma resolution, and depression. In working with adult clients, Pamela’s approach is holistic and “integral” exploring beliefs, values and experiences that may hinder the healthy development of boundaries and coping skills. She uses meditation, experiential practice, “Socratic dialogue”, meditation, and somatic (body) work practices. Navigating the adult world can be challenging and individuals often find themselves overwhelmed, confused, and dissatisfied. Pamela works with clients to help them identify barriers to skillful, pragmatic, and unifying life practices.

Pamela earned her Master’s degree in Social Work in 1999 at the University of Southern Indiana.  Her undergraduate degree in Psychology was secured from Purdue University in 1986. She has also been an instructor at the University of Southern Indiana where she taught advanced clinical skills in the Masters program. She received training in England in somatic (body) experiencing which provided insight and access into the interconnectedness of mind and body.

Pamela is married, the mother of two independent children, and is a native “Evansvillian.” She is passionate about world travel and has spent time touring Greece, Italy, France, India, Mexico, and England.  Her heart’s desire is to visit the Serengeti in Africa.  On the home front, Pamela can often be found digging in her beloved gardens and creating objects of imagination.